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The Road So Far
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The Road So Far 


The team continued their evening of libation at Faldo’s.  They were all having a nice time, though Vic didn’t necessarily enjoy the entertainment format.  Most probably the dancing thing. 

Isabel received a phone call.  It was Cyd, the current caretaker of Mei.  After hearing one half of a cryptic conversation.  She excused herself in order to go pay a visit to Mei.

The team continued drinking, that was when Ken received a phone call.  Again the others heard one half of an odd conversation, which led to Ken being called away for the rest of the evening.

They all nursed their drinks with Gideon watching Jasper at the bar.  Jasper was also watching Gideon at the bar, but Jasper looked genuinely upset, hurt that Gideon head butted him. 

Wesley Faldo the owner was making rounds, and soon began to charm everyone at the table with his jovial, friendly, and genteel manners.  In fact he soon had Gideon talking about small personal stuff with Wesley.  Even Vic found himself swooning under the charms of Wesley Faldo.  Both Vic and Gideon eventually figured out that Wesley was doing some magical charming.

After much charming and friendly conversation Wesley took Gideon over near the stage.  After they arrived, Wesley changed his manner and spoke very frankly and ever so slightly menacingly, warning Gideon that Wesley operates a violence free club, and even though Gideon was very clever in his striking of Jasper, this was not something he would tolerate.  He ended on the line….”There are other things just as scary as spiders or incarnations in this world….” And Wesley revealed his Fallen Angel nature to Gideon.  Shaken, Gideon walked back to the table and let everyone know he was leaving.

Gideon left the club and stood outside against the wall.  Gideon noticed while he was outside that a short distance from Jaspers burned motorcycle, that there was a red mustang parked close by, with two young ladies inside.

After a while of waiting, Jasper came out also.  He walked past Gideon, not noticing him as he was looking at this burned out motorcycle.  Gideon called out and confronted Jasper.  Jasper said that he did not STEAL the coat and Ring on a chain, but that he purchased both from Rourke at his second hand shop.  Gideon accepted this, but still demanded that Jasper return the items to him.  Jasper begrudgingly agreed to drop the items off at the Boudreaux offices, but made it clear that he was not very welcome at the Agency, and he would merely leave the items someplace to be found.

As they were talking, Gideon noticed that the two young ladies got out of the mustang and were slowly walking towards Jasper from behind.  Gideon said nothing and continued with Jasper.  Once the ladies were near enough to speak, they called Japer out as a Vampire and threatened him.  Jasper slowly turned around, He attempted to reason with the two women, but they had no part of it, they drew their weapons and moved in to attack.  Jasper was able to leave the scene, in what could only be described as a blur of motion.  But not so fast that the ladies were not able to make contact, and a single piece of Jasper’s shirt fluttered to the ground. 

The ladies curiousity soon moved to Gideon and what he was doing at Faldo’s, and why he associates with the undead.  They both moved in a menacing fashion towards him.

This was when Vic and Lou exited the club to go looking for Gideon.  Vic and Lou found Gideon being surrounded by the two ladies.  The ladies did not see Vic or Lou, so when Lou and Vic caused a great thundercloud and thunderclap to occur, the menacing women assumed it was Gideon attempting to scare them away with magic.  Upon seeing this the ladies put their swords away, now not so afraid of Gideon, as much as they seemed concerned over the fact that A5 had not shared his information with them as a new local mage.  Even though Vic and Lou put on an act to describe and give the impression that Gideon was a very powerful mage, the ladies still seemed more concerned over the lack of information ahead of time then any concern that either of them were a danger to them.

The ladies left.

Vic and Gideon go to Sonic on Southwest Blvd. to eat and talk.  As they drive there, Gideon realizes that the two ladies in the Mustang are following them.  The guys park, order food.  Talk.  The Waitress arrived with their food, and as she left she planted a bug, which Vic noticed.  Vic tells Gideon they were bugged and they blast the bug with white noise, and then Vic grabs the bug.  The guys drive away, after they chuck the bug in to the back seat of another car as they leave.

As they proceed back home, they both see Rafe walking down Southwest Blvd. towards the direction they were leaving.  Vic and Gideon remark how often it is that they see Rafe.

Vic and Gideon return to Vic’s house where they continue their conversation, and their deal.  Vic and Gideon decide to cut a deal, to share information and loyalty, powered by both of them, as a contract.

After they cut their deal, they realize that the White Wolf is outside.  Knowing that he should be more conducive to them after the dream insertion that Vic accomplished, they went outside.  They succeeded in contacting the wolf, learning it was intelligent, very large (bigger than Lou), and had an identification tag on his collar that said A5, a phone number and email.

They had a nice conversation with the wolf.  Learned he was a member of A5 investigations.  Eventually they all called it a nite.  The wolf left.

The next morning.  Before they left for work, Vic called A5 investigations and made an appointment for later that day.  They both went to work.  When they arrived, they learned that both Isabel and Ken had not yet arrived.  Marcos and Vic had a meeting, Marcos explained and apologized that they had not yet been able to focus any assets towards Vic’s projects.  Marcos described that unfortunately, right now the entire team of employees at Boudreaux, were everyone they had met.  So they were indeed a bit low on manpower in order to investigate Vic’s cases.  Marcos did describe that he would prefer that Kevin not go in the field.  But that if necessary, Rafe could be used in the field.  Marcos described that Rafe has an interesting set of abilities available to him.  Vic also learned that on one occasion when he thought Rafe was following him, it was actually probably Rafe just going home.   Marcos was not happy to learn that Rafe is probably still homeless and living in the basement of the burned out garment building.

Marcos described that he had some responsibilities that were going to carry him away for a while.  He hoped that Vic and the Team would be able to continue with their work while he was away.


Vic called his associate with his order, and was able to get some assistance from him, as he was a bit of a ghost specialist.  He agreed to do some initial investigation in to the Helzberg case and the blood stain that they had discovered.  He was also able to get some more information regarding Boudreaux and his past.  That was when they realized that Cyd might know where Jasper lives, which was important for Gideon, as even though Jasper said he would deliver the Coat and Knuckles, he did not.  Gideon still very much wants his personal items.

With both Isabel and Ken still away, Vic and Lou went ahead and started to investigate the Rourke case involving the mirrors.    They met Rourke, who pinged big time with Gideon.  Gideon became pretty sure that Rourke was the opposite of Faldo, an Angel.  Rourke described the crime, and both Vic and Gideon decided it would be best to bring the mirrors back to Boudreaux for safe keeping as the investigation continued.  They also learned that Rourke was rather security lax, and had no video or security camera footage available.  But he was aware that the businesses near by probably did.

Vic and Gideon returned to the offices, they secured the mirrors in the secure storage room on basement level 1.  After they stored the mirrors, Gideon was curious to learn more about Vampires and Slayers, now that he had come in to direct contact with both.  Gideon asked if they had a library, and Rafe took him to the basement level 2, which had an amazing library. 

Gideon learned the history of the first vampire, and how the Angel Rourke punished Caine for the First Murder, by cursing him to the life of the Undead.  He also learned how Gaia 200 years after, created the Slayers as a check against the growing strength of the undead. 

They also put Rafe to work on pulling the security camera footage from the other businesses nearby.  Both Vic and Lou noticed that as they were speaking with Rafe about whether he could pull the footage, that on two of the screens it appeared as if he was already doing that very thing.

Vic and Gideon separated then, with Vic going to his appointment at A5, and Gideon proceeding to do an initial investigation in to the Fetch that replaced Vic. 

Gideon learned that the Fetch and Vic’s wife, seemed to be ok.  But Gideon did not leave without some suspicion if that was completely true.  On his way back from the investigation, Gideon passed by the alley near the garment building.  That was where he saw something odd.  In the same alley that Gideon had fallen from the sky, there was a 13 year old boy wearing a hugely too big watch,  who appeared to be behind a veil or wall of some kind.  Gideon could see him from one side of the Veil, but when he passed through the veil, he could not see the boy.  Gideon watched him from the other side of the veil investigating the alley, and in particular the spot in the sky where Gideon fell from.  When the boy realized that Gideon was watching and could see him, the boy seemed to panic, pressed multiple buttons on the watch, but finally just slammed his hand on top of it and he and the veil disappeared.

Gideon realized that when he saw the watch the boy was wearing, that in his previous recovered memory of he and Rafe in the future, that Rafe was wearing the same watch.

Vic arrived at A5 to meet Bart Allen, and his associate Connor Kent.  Both Bart and Connor listened to the needs of Vic’s case and agreed to try to help with some initial investigation.  When Bart and Connor realized that Vic was associated with Boudreaux, they refused to take any funds, and to proceed, but not without making an appointment for them to meet with the Senior Partners of A5, on the following Sunday at “The Club” for the matinee.  Bart described that he would put his name on the VIP List.

The rest of the week Vic and Gideon continued their investigations.  Marcos did not return the rest of the week, neither did Isabel or Ken. 

On Thursday evening when Gideon and Vic were at home, they noticed on the news that Serge Smirnov the Russian Mob King was found beheaded.  The news described that it was most likely because of Smirnov’s recent spat with the Chinese Mob.

On the next Friday evening both Gideon and Vic were watching the news and they also learned that Mr. Huang the Chinese Mob King that Mei worked for was also found beheaded.  Again the cause being attributed to his recent fight with the Russian Mob.

Gideon and Vic surmised the beheadings might have been the work of Marcos, in particular when they realized that his sword was missing from his office.

Later that nite Gideon began searching for a Hallow in or near the city and he realized that there probably was one in Swope Park.




The team started their first day.

Kevin and Rafe invited everyone to Faldo’s for Kevin’s first nite at work and drinks as an apology by Rafe for hacking in to their phones.

Ken heard from his retainer Crystal.  The red mustangs have been tracked down to a company in Rome.

Ken also heard from Dean Winchester, who is either a very good FBI agent, or maybe knows a bit more than he is letting on….

The team went on their first investigation, only to be interrupted by Mei and her difficulties with the persons that she regularly works with.

Mei and her handlers were in a car crash, which resulted in a short gunfight, which killed the opposing vehicle and it’s drivers, but still left two of the Chinese Thugs alive to chase after Mei, when she ran.

After a chase on foot, and a car used to block the thugs, Vic put the thugs to sleep, but only after making a deal to put 20 others to sleep in the very near future.

Gideon attempted to take out the thugs in a fantastic display of martial arts, but kinda slipped in some very smelly trash.

Mei and the gang arrived back at the office.  Mei described what it is she does for the Chinese Mob, and Mr. Huang the leader.  Mei has an Eidetic Memory, and Huang has been using her as a paperless, computerless, accounting system for his crime related books.  He showed Mei a long number and asked her to memorize it before she left with the thugs to another location.

Rafe easily figured out that the numbers were just bogus, meant to hide the only real information, a safe combination.

The Chinese mob is very desperate to get this safe combination back, and they sent thugs to follow Mei and her cell phone after the gang escaped with her.

Marcos escorted the thugs out of the office, just as Gideon and Vic returned from their visit home.

Gideon and Vic did some Dream Digging while they were home, Vic helped Gideon with some retail shopping from his dreams, with an anticipation that this would be helpful in the future.

Vic was also able to extract a tiny snippet of a memory, that memory:  Rafe and Gideon know each other in the future.  Vic and Lou were also able to accomplish an insertion in to the Wolf that had been following them so much lately, in hopes that they can communicate easier with him and learn his motives.

Marcos sent Mei with Cyd Poppy, for safety, then he left in order to begin working on fixing things with both the Russians and the Chinese.

The Team ended their day and all went home to get ready to meet Rafe and Kevin at Faldos.


Later that nite, the gang met Kevin and Rafe at Faldos, where they enjoyed a wonderful evening of Karoake and Gideon entered a Dance Competition challenged upon him by Jasper.

Jasper won the dance competition, but Gideon faked a bow, and “Accidentally” head butted Jasper to the point of drawing blood.  Something the audience in Faldo’s all gave a collective under their breath gasp to….

The team then went back to their table to enjoy more drinks…



Gideon hung out at Faldos for a while after receiving Boudreaux’s card.  He learned that Jasper is a regular, and a “Scenery” employee. The Hostess also made sure to tell him that Jasper is quite the crazy fellow and he would do best to stay away.

Gideon hung out at the Agency until Boudreaux and Kody arrived.  Boudreaux figured out something was up and invited him in, eventually offering him a position with the rest of the team.

Gideon arrived for his first day, along with everyone else.  They all began their first day at the agency.  With not a lot to do, and not a lot of direction in order to do it.  Vic made sure to let Rafe know that he did not appreciate unauthorized data access.  So did everyone else, when they learned that Rafe had done the same thing to all of their own personal data devices.  Rafe made sure to let all of them know that he never made any active file copies and only transferred their data out of a wish to be helpful and convenient to all of them.

Pablo and Kody reached out to everyone on the team for any odd jobs or tasks they might need help with as that Pablo and his best friend Shawn were saving up to build the best bud hole ever.

Ken confirmed with the local police that he was indeed safe, even though his home was now obliterated.  Ken was also told that FBI Special Agent Dean Winchester was most probably going to contact him.

A couple of the team members noticed that Rafe seems to keep a wide and varied eye on what goes on within the agency via his skype window.

Isabel heard from an associate who was going on an anthropologic mission,  and they asked for her future assistance if needed regarding any language related problems they may come into.  As they were nervous about doing a good job on their first assignment.

Eventually after Lunch, Marcos introduced all of them to their first two clients and projects.  First they met Mrs. Helzburg and her Insurance Company Representative.  The Insurance Rep, a Mr. Perry M. Star (who Ken just so happened to think looked EXACTLY like Natasha) described to everyone how the particular neighborhood and blocks of property that she was ready to purchase have had a string of unusual  events and possible crimes that the insurance company is nervous about.  In particular how these events or localized crime presence might cause delay or expense to her project.

They also met Mr. Rourke, a local business owner who deals in arts and antiquities.  He recently had a break in that appeared to be looking for something specific, as the thieves did not take anything else of obvious value, including cash.  Mr. Rourke also pinged big time with Ken as one of the brightest sources of faith that he had ever seen.

The team shared confidential private and other information among themselves at the office in a limited fashion, and away from the office at Vic’s house.  They all agreed that the motives of any of the beings that have brought them together are suspect, and they all agreed that they need to grudgingly cooperate, while still remembering their own concerns and alternate plans.   They did all agree that they wanted to take a closer look at the Sword in the office of Marcos.   At Vic’s house the exchange included some magical buffing that ended up rewarding everyone.

After everyone left, Vic went on a visit to his associates, leaving Gideon home alone.  Gideon met a spider.

The spider was Clotho, youngest aspect of the Incarnation of Fate.  She described how she has been keeping an eye on Gideon.  How she thinks that maybe she might know what happened to him.

Clotho thinks that Gideon must have been sent through time as a result of the actions of the Future Chronos (Incarnation of Time).  Only Chronos could send someone in such a blatant and vulgar out of the ordinary fashion.  But the result was that the temporal paradox that was created, manifested as the amnesia that Gideon is now suffering.  Clotho offered her only ideas for solution.  She also asked about the well being of Rafe.

On his way to this night time rendezvous, Vic and Lou saw Rafe walking in to the alley of Lou’s old Textile building, Vic has taken this to be a sign that Rafe is a bit on the stalky side.

Lou smelled the wolf that has been watching him lately, and this time he thinks he is almost sure that the wolf smells like coconut oil for some reason.

Vic learned from his order that there were changeling writings, although they were personal and in a journal, that confirmed the knowledge of the existence of the Incarnations.  Vic also received a book and a name of the author as a possible source for more information regarding the Incarnations and their possible motives.  A Martin Cortes.






Isabel met Mother Nature Gaea herself.  Isabel was skeptical, and did not like being handled like a plaything via Gaea and her song.

Gaea asked Isabel to consider joining the Boudreaux team, as they were destined for something vitally important.  She also asked Isabel to keep an eye on Kody, as she is a special project of Gaea’s.

Isabel also noticed young Mei at her favorite Chinese restaurant again.  Mei and her interaction with a particular thuggish gentlemen caused concern to arise with Isabel.

Marcos arrived and offered Isabel a job.  Isabel accepted, but with reservations she did not reveal.

Isabel arrived for her first day on the job, met Ken, Vic, and Lou.

She also had a meeting with Kody


On his way back from Faldo’s, Gideon got kinda lost…


Vic signed on with Boudreaux.  Still skeptical as to whether this was some sort of trap.

Vic ran a secret test on Kevin and figured out he was pretty much plain old muggle human.  Kevin is also trashcan champion of the office now.

Vic learned about how Ken arrived and learned about the team and the position


Lou saw the Large White Wolf again, this time he told Vic about it.

They watched the wolf together, talked about it, and did some magicky stuff to determine that the wolf was watching because he was wondering if Lou was the same as him.

The Wolf figured out they were looking at him and talking about him, and he bounded off.


Ken patched up the son of the Russian Mob King, who was suffering from multiple bladed weapon wounds. 

Ken tried to find out how the kid got the wounds, but the Russian thugs were rather tight lipped.

Ken healed the kid, using a blatant display of powers.  Which quickly labeled him as a Chernoknizhnik.  Russian for Warlock.  Which did not quite accomplish the revelation that maybe Ken was hoping for.

Ken did some research and learned the Russian Mob King and his son were robbed by petite attractive women in a red mustang.

The Russian Kid died.  The Mob King Ivan called in Ken for atonement in regards to his poor surgical services.

Before Ivan could properly scare Ken, he was robbed again.  Ken managed to escape in the confusion of the robbery.  Which again was performed by attractive young ladies in a red mustang.

After his escape, Ken arrived home, just in time to watch his home explode.


Everyone except Gideon arrived for their first day, picked offices, met Debbie, and some of them still smelled Rafe.




Gideon arrived from places unknown, but he is pretty sure he came from the future.

He saw a cute spider who waved to him, he met a mysterious motorcycle rider in black.  Who Gideon is pretty sure undressed and robbed him while he was unconscious.

He found out he wasn’t quite beefcake material when he visited Faldo’s.

Wesley Faldo the proprietor of Faldo’s sent Gideon to Boudreaux, with secret glee in making his associate Natasha happy.

Vic and Lou met a mysterious lady who easily defeated all of their combined abilities, which really kinda pissed Vic off.

The Lady Nox, Incarnation of Night asked Vic to help her find and protect the most important secret in all of the Second Creation.  Vic agreed to help, though maybe not completely telling the truth.

Vic woke up with the business card of the Boudreaux Group.  He went there with Lou, met Kevin, and smelled Rafe.  Which is where Vic entered in to a tentative open ended agreement of cooperation with Marcos.  Vic also learned that Marcos seems to be immune to his abilities.

Ken heard his True Name for the first time in a long time.  Was invited to meet Natasha at Faldo’s.  Ken also followed his heart and purchased his first pair of leather pants for his nite out with Natasha.

Ken learned Natasha is an excellent performer and singer of classic Sinatra tunes. 

Natasha ended up being Ken’s big brother Satan.   Ken’s bro asked him if he would not mind joining a group that would be destined to do something big.  He wanted to irk some associates of his.  So when the time comes, he could say “Nyah Nyah, look who I put on your team”.

Our next episode opens with Spring Rolls, Crab Rangoon, and a phone call…


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